1. 1) Enhance the capacity of the Customs & VAT administrative system to analyze, develop and implement national policies and programmes;
  2. 2) Build and effective and innovative, accountable and transparent honest and committed Customs & VAT service capable of delivering quality and cost effective services to the people.
  3. 3) Equip the customs & VAT officials at all levels with requisite knowledge, skills and techniques to enable them to make productive use of their potentials, and to ensure balanced and sustainable economic growth and development.
  4. 4) Help create progressive attitude in the public servants to assume greater enabling and facilitating role in the performance of their duties as leaders and agents of change;
  5. 5) Establish a dynamic and enlightened customs & VAT administrations capable of integrating and transforming progressive ideas into reality for establishing good governance and for meeting the challenges of the 21st century.
  6. 6) Promote understanding of the inter-relationship between social, economic and political environment and the implications of governmental decisions on the socio-economic system of the country.
  7. 7) Create congenial environment for attracting trainees as well as trainers for making training at various levels attractive, enjoyable and rewarding; and
  8. 8) Create an appropriate environment in the public officers to build institutional capability through promotion of efficiency and performance through training.
  9. 9) To turn departmental manpower into skilled and ethically sound human resources through proper and effective Training.
  10. 10) To accelerate the culture of education and training in the civil administration of our country.
  11. 11) To assist research activities and preparation of national budget in the management process of indirect tax.
  12. 12) To help the customs & VAT officials in their collection of revenue by rendering them appropriate training.