Resource & Library

A. Research

Besides training and examinations, a basic job of the academy is to conduct fundamental research on fiscal policy and administration, policy making and planning in national and international arena. No step has yet been taken in this regard. No fund and manpower is allocated for this. A research cell can be established here with coordination of Statistics and Research section of NBR. This cell can provide research help to formulate and amend fiscal rules and regulations. It might also help in managing huge number of cases. This will improve the efficiency of the academy as well as NBR and will help to achieve international recognition. Simultaneously, the standard of the academy will be improved. If possible, affiliation with different academies can be established and even for mutual recognition MoU can be signed with different research centers as without research an academy is incomplete. Adequate investment in this area will offer signifient return.

B. The library of Bangladesh Customs, Excise & VAT Training Academy is modern and well equipped with various books, journals. In its possession there are almost 8,000 books for circulation to the readers. Trainees will have ready access to the reading facilities. Library remains open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Sunday to Thursday. The trainees are inspired to use the library facilities at the maximum effort. Library helps achieving training target. The target of the library is to collect Relevant books, journals, magazines and other references, and to make all these available to the trainees. But the library is not audio-visually equipped. The library provides books and journals on:
• The Customs Act, 1969, VAT Act 1991, and other minor acts and rules
• Reference books
• Literary and History books
• Budget books and SROs and different types of orders
• Different reports from the trainees
• Daily newspaper
The no of trainees is increasing in future. To meet the demand of higher standard training, a lot of books and information must be available for which budget allocation is crucial.