• 1. Providing training to the newly appointed officers and other staffs in the customs, excise & VAT department to make them skilled and competent so that they can easily cope up with present administrative structure.
  • 2. Arranging subjective training programs on important changes in rules & regulations to improve efficiency and to make a service oriented administration.
  • 3. Ensuring the welfare of the staffs by arranging and Conducting departmental exams for promotion on the basis of capability.
  • 4. Conducting research on the Customs & VAT systems, revenue administration, revenue policies and planning of budget and thus contributing to the national development.
  • 5. Conducting exams for the appointment of customs and VAT advisers.
  • 6. Arranging training for the C&F agents if needed.
  • 7. Conducting training audit and scanner operation.
  • 8. Arranging specialized training on audit, scanning etc. hosted by WCO
  • 9. Conducting PSI Training 10. Arranging seminars, workshops and training programs as dictated by NBR.